Visit from the Norwegian Standing committee on Local Government and Public Administration

The Norwegian Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration visited Ny-Ålesund Wednesday September 23rd.
From left; Marianne Brænden(Committee Secretary), Stein Erik Lauvås (Committee member), Heidi Greni (Committee member), Åsne Dolve Meyer (Kings Bay), Bjørn Lødemel (Committee member), Geir S. Toskedal (Committee member), Odd Olsen Ingerø (Governor of Svalbard), Andre N. Skjelstad and Stine Renate Håheim (Committee members).
The committee members came by plane from Longyearbyen, and spent an afternoon in the village. They started with a brief about Ny-Ålesund and the scientific work being done here, and had a guided tour of the Marinlab.
After lunch the group visited the AWIPEV station, where they experienced a weather balloon launch and got a tour of the station.

Next came a visit to the Norwegian Polar Institute, and a lecture of some of the measurements and research going on. The committee ended their visit in Ny-Ålesund at Rabben, where the Norwegian Mapping Authorities informed them about the global network of VLBI-antennas, and the Ny-Ålesund station's role in the network.