US senators visiting Ny-Ålesund

Senators Lisa Murkowski, John Barrasso and Mike Rounds visited Ny-Ålesund Saturday 26th September.
The US senators, with representatives of the US Embassy in Oslo and representatives of the Norwegian Government and Norwegian Polar Institute in front of the Kongsfjorden shop.
The senators were accompanied by people from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The visit started with a working lunch, with talks from State Secretary Tore Hattrem, Dep. Director Mette Gravdal Agerup, and Research Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute Nalan Koç.

The weather was beautiful, and the group had a nice trip around Kongsfjorden by boat. The visit ended with coffee, cake and Ny-Ålesund Cognac in the Amundsen villa, and a short trip to the shop.