Handling of coronavirus in Ny-Ålesund

lKings Bay A/S follow the situation closely and adhere to the guidelines of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health: General advice to the public.

The need for new measures is assessed on an ongoing basis. In the meantime Ny-Ålesund will operate as normal.

From the 19th of November 2021, facemasks will once again be mandatory on board flights with Lufttransport.

 Covid has increased in Longyearbyen. There will be no immediate consequences for us, but will remind you continuing the good habits and routines that have been incorporated to protect us from infection. Good handhygiene is important. Stay at home if you feel sick or have symptoms, and call Nurse (7274) at daytime or Watchman (call 9)

It is important that everyone who is going to travel to Ny-Ålesund makes an assessement of their own health situation and thinks about the possible consequences of beconing ill and in isolation. Those over the age of 65 and those with additional disease will have a greater risk of a serious course of the disease. If a person is vaccinated, the risk of a serious course of the disease can significantly reduced.


A possible evacuation to the mainland will not be carried out until you become seriosly ill. This can lead to a demanding course of illness in isolation in Ny-Ålesund, with only one nurse available.


We live quite isolated up here in Ny-Ålesund and the risk of infection occur when new people arrive in town. We are still in Step 3 of the reopening plan, but the government has on certain points already moved on to Step 4. Step 4 is planned to be implemented 3 weeks after all adults over the age of 18 have been offered the vaccine.

You still must keep your distance – wash your hands – stay home when you are sick, and call the Watchman (9). Rapid tests will be used more frequently.


If the covid-19 test is positive the person(s) will be put in isolation and contact tracing will start in close dialog with the infection control doctor in Longyearbyen.


The Kings Bay nurse will observe and follow up the person(s) in isolation, and in cooperation and dialog with medical personnel in Longyearbyen continuously assess the person(s) medical condition.