New common facility - Metrology Laboratory

The Italian station, Dirigibile Italia and their mother institution CNR have recently strengthened their cooperation with the metrology network METEOMET (Metrology for Meteorology) and introduced them to atmospheric monitoring in Ny-Ålesund.

It led to establishment of a new common research facility in the terrestrial laboratories building, "Vaskerilab", owned and administered by KIngs Bay AS. The facility will be named after the purpose it is created for: Metrology and Calibration Laboratory. Andrea Merlone, the METEOMET coordinator delivered a seminar on the topic of metrology and presented the calibration facility at the last Tuesday Seminar in Ny-Ålesund (the presentation is published online here). The Metrology Lab was officially opened on 10 May 2017.

The concept is to find out the difference between different sensors, reduce uncertainty in data, comparison of data between the groups but also, on the practical level to coordinate the calibration of the air temperature sensors between all stations in town. CNR and METEOMET will be the main coordinators of the calibration campaigns, open to all groups and starting with air temperature sensors (followed by soil, permafrost and finally water temperature sensors).

Kings Bay is happy to provide the suitable facility and we hope that all stations and all research groups would benefit greatly from this initiative in the long-run.

Andrea Merlone presenting the practical side of metrology in the new facility in Ny-Ålesund. 

Photo: Marzena Kaczmarska.

The initiators group: from left to right: Graziano Coppa, Mauro Mazzola, Chiara Musacchio, Angelo Viola, Andrea Merlone and Marzena Kaczmarska. Photo: Marzena Kaczmarska