The new observatory officially opened

On the 6th of June, the inauguration of the Norwegian mapping authority's new geodetic observatory took place. Approximately 140 invited guests, including representatives from the Norwegian government, attended the big happening just outside of Ny-Ålesund.

About 100 of the guests arrived by boat for the big day, and everyone was transported by car out to Brandal. Everyone was served a refreshing drink while enjoying the scenery.

Photo: Kings Bay AS
The boat guests are approaching Ny-Ålesund harbour. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Photo: Kings Bay AS
The motorcade consisted of the majority of Ny-Ålesund’s cars. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Guests arriving at Brandal. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Each antenna measures 13.2 meters in diameter and looms 18 meters above the ground. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Director for the geodetic institute, Per Erik Opseth greeting all the guests. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Anne Cathrine Frøstrup gives her opening speech. Photo: Shadé Barka Martins, Kings Bay AS
Celebrating the new observatory. Left: Per Erik Opseth,Lars Jacob Hiim, Anne Cathrine Frøstrup. Photo: Shadé Barka Martins, Kings Bay AS
All the guests were given a tour of the facility. Photo: Kings Bay AS

State secretary Lars Jacob Hiim and head of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Anne Cathrine Frøstrup, gave talks before they switched on the power of the observatory. This resulted in the twisting and turning of the two brand new antennas in the beautiful sunlight.

The new observatory is part of a global network for observation and research, and it will map movements in the earth's surface, planetary rotation as well as the earth's exact position in space. These measurements will contribute to a more precise monitoring of ice loss and sea-level change.

For more information click here (Norwegian only).

After the ceremonial opening, everyone returned to town for a grand feast. The theme of the meal was "the delicacies of the sea" - and from the looks of it the food was quite tasty. Greetings and gifts from the Governor of Svalbard Kjerstin Askholt and more were given.

Kings Bay congratulates the Norwegian mapping authority and we are looking forward to new, modern and exciting times!

Photo: Kings Bay AS
Photo: Kings Bay AS
Photo: Shadé Barka Martins, Kings Bay AS
Governor of Svalbard, Kjerstin Askholt giving her congratulations. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Director of Kings Bay, Per Erik Hanevold, presents Anne Cathrine Frøstrup with a gift. Photo: Shadé Barka Martins, Kings Bay AS
The guests gathered for a group photo. Photo: Kings Bay AS
Photo: Kings Bay AS