The Zeppelin obseratory

The observatory at the top of Zeppelin mountain is owned and operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), while the Norwegian Instutute for Air Research (NILU) is coordinating the research activities. NILU and Stockholm University are the biggest actors, but there are an international cooperation, with instruments belonging to different countries such as Finland, Korea and Japan.

The obeservatory is located at the top of Zeppelin mountain, 474 metres a.s.l, and the only way to reach the observatory is by cable car. At the observatory there are atmospheric measurements of gases and particles. Five days a week one employee from the NPI goes up to the observatory for maintenance work, air sampling and filter changes. Some of the instruments are sampling automaticly, while other samples, both filter samples and air samples, are sampled manually and sent by mail for analysis.

Zeppelin - NILU

Zeppelin - Norwegian Polar Institute