Trappers Trail 2014

A record-breaking 24 dog teams (36 mushers and 128 dogs) participated in the Trappers Trail sled dog race early April. Ny-Ålesund was well represented with two teams, as cook Gunn Oftedal and research adviser Sebastien Barrault both entered Trappers Trail in the 5-dog class. They both completed the race - crossing the final line respectively at 12th and 4th place.

Unfortunately, the Blue Lantern (slowest team price), which was proudly won last year, did not remain in the hands of Ny-Ålesund Dog Club.

Kings Bay AS joined the adventure by taking care of the team's logistics. Dogs and equipment were sent by plane a couple of days before the race.

More about Team Sava Vit:

Photos: Christian Zoelly and Andrine Kylling.