Equipment and Chemicals

Updated: 21.12.2019

Chemicals: Please place your order with us via RIS as early as possible! NOTA BENE: Some chemicals cannot travel by air - take this into account and make an order early!

Gas: Gas can not travel by air and all orders need to be made well in advance to reach the cargo boat in time. Always check with us if any leftover gas is available.

The cargo boat travelling to Ny-Ålesund is Norbjørn. You find all necessary information under: Visitor Information -> Freight

Equipment and Consumables:

All equipment in the marine lab is to be shared between the lab users. No sole use can be guaranteed.

NOTE that you will need to bring specialized equipment, sampling containers, some consumables (e.g. oil for microscope, filters etc.) with you. Ask us in advance!

For a more comprehensive description of our equipment see the PDF below. Please contact the marine lab coordinator for specific questions.

All equipment and consumables are subject to changes in availability (due to other bookings, maintenance, renewable etc.). Thus you need always to check availability before your arrival. Especially the availability of consumables is allways changing, so also plan here enough time to order.