Radio Silence

Ny-Ålesund was meant to be a radio silent research site in Svalbard. However, due to science, technology, safety and historical reasons, there are emitting instruments here today. The long-term goal is to keep the level of electromagnetic pollution as low as possible and to avoid any unnecessary active radio systems.

Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee (NySMAC) has information on radio silence and regulations on its website as well (under: Practical).

Norwegian Telecommunications Authority (Nkom) has a mandate to administer use of all radio frequencies. The owner might need to apply for a permission to use selected radio frequency, regardless of the length of activity.

The Regulation No. 628 (Nr. 77) describes general regulations for the use of radio frequencies.

However, there is an important exception relevant to Ny-Ålesund:

"The Regulations do not apply to frequencies in the range of 2 GHz - 32 GHz in the geographic area within a 20 km radius from the centre of Ny-Ålesund"


  • for frequencies defined in regulation No. 628, AND outside the 2-32 GHz range, you do NOT have to apply BUT you have to consider if it is REALLY NECESSARY.
  • You have to consult with NySMAC (or the Kings Bay AS research adviser) for information about all frequencies in use to avoid causing disturbance within the same range (both active and passive systems).


  • 2-32 GHz
  • frequencies outside 2-32 GHz range AND NOT defined in regulation No. 628

Passive receiving of signals is not defined as use of frequencies and can occur without any permission.

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