Kings Bay Marine Laboratory

Photo: Bjørn Owe Holmberg

Updated: 12.03.2019
The Kings Bay Marine Laboratory in Ny-Ålesund, owned and managed by Kings Bay AS, is the first common research infrastructure in Ny-Ålesund. It was officially opened 1 June 2005.
It is the northernmost experimental laboratory for research in marine ecology, physiology, biochemistry, as well as some physical sciences like oceanography, marine geology and ice physics.

The laboratory is located right on a beach with easy access to boats. It contains smaller rooms with system-controlled experimental variables like air and seawater temperature. It is also appropriate for experiments under ambient conditions. The laboratory space and equipment are rented out on commercial basis. It is open to all researchers on the same premises.

The 2018 prices for access to the Kings Bay Marine Laboratory, Vaskerilab and use of MS Teisten are listed in the Kings Bay price list

Bookings (only through RiS) can be made the whole year. However, the earlier the request is delivered the better chance to get the space. "First-come, first-served" principle applies. Bigger groups, and projects that require access to climate and experimental rooms should make the booking as early as possible.

The marine lab manager has to be informed if you have additional requests that could not be booked through RiS long BEFORE planned arrival.

OBS! Main points to know:
  • All bookings and orders have to be made through RIS database (specific lab space, use of MS Teisten, special needs/equipment, chemicals, gas orders etc.).
  • Make bookings as early as possible! Bookings for coming year will be attended to after 1 Sept.
  • Long-term projects are prioritized whenever possible and if the booking is made min. 6 months prior to arrival.
  • Changes in booking of the marine laboratory and Teisten have to be clarified with the marine lab manager as soon as possible and before leaving Ny-Ålesund.
  • KBML cancellation fee policy:
    • "No-show" without notification results in full payment for the unused space.
    • Cancellations of stay made AFTER arrival in Ny-Ålesund (and if space was originally booked for 7 days or longer) will be charged 50%.
    • KBML bookings for up to 6 days, and cancellations made BEFORE arrival to Ny-Ålesund will not be charged any cancellation fee
  • Organized student groups (if part of education/training programme) will be accepted IF CAPACITY ALLOWS. MSc and Bachelor students pay 50% of price.
Contact KBML:
Lab Coordinator - Marine Ilg ( +47 79 02 72 70
Research adviser/ Marine Lab Manager - Svein Harald Sønderland (, +47 79 02 72 52

Kings Bay Laboratories (KBL) bookings 2019: