The workboat "MS Teisten"

MS Teisten is a small work boat owned and operated by Kings Bay AS. The boat is 31 feet long and equipped to do smaller scientific operations, transportation and survey in Kongsfjorden and Krossfjorden. Safety equipment is available on board (life raft, life belts and survival suits).

The boat, including captain, fuel and sampling equipment, can be rented by all scientists visiting Ny-Ålesund. Five passengers in addition to the skipper onboard is maximum capacity for sightseeing and transport. For scientific work the maximum number of passengers on board is restricted to four.

See Pricelist for Teisten current rental prices. For inquiries and booking, please contact Kings Bay Marine Laboratory:, phone: +47 79 02 72 70/ 52.

Booking of Teisten should be done through RIS and as early as possible. OBS! Bookings for April should be made before 31 January.

The boat can operate in Kongsfjorden and Krossfjorden in the main season: 1 May - 30 Sept. A special permit is needed to be able to operate in April and KB cannot guarantee access to Teisten then. We cannot offer Teisten during the rest of the year. Please note that the use in Sept-October might be impossible due to icing, bad weather and darkness.

An extra fee might be added to cover the cost of external skipper outside main season (depends also on number of hours booked - check with Kings Bay for more details).

Equipment on board:

  • 450 m wire (100 kg)
  • 1000 m wire (ca 1000 kg)
  • WP-2 net (200 µ)
  • WP-3 net (1000 µ)
  • Spare bucket for WP-2 and WP-3
  • Nansen release mechanism
  • Mechanical flow-meter with back-run
  • Rectangular dredge (20x40 cm, length of net: 50 cm)
  • Van Veen grab (1000 cm2)
  • Niskin bottles (x10 L)
  • 1 go-flo bottle (5 L)
  • drop messengers and lead weights
  • STD/CTD with fluorometer, turbidity meter and software

Note: Please see our detailed terms and conditions for booking and cancellation policies:

Boat use always depends on the weather and ice conditions, and Kings Bay AS takes no responsibility for cancellation due to unfavourable conditions at sea.

Both photos: Kings Bay AS

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