Use of unmanned systems in Kongsfjorden

Foto: Marzena Kaczmarska
Foto: Marzena Kaczmarska


  1. ALL users of unmanned systems that use radio frequency in Ny-Ålesund MUST adhere to the rules about the use of radio frequencies within Ny-Ålesund Radio Silence zone. It covers area within 20 km radius from the centre of NyÅ (the whole Kongsfjorden, stripe of land on NE and E side and Brøggerhalvøya). Please read: KB Research/Radio Silence section or contact for information.
  2. Official applications or notifications to the authorities are compulsory (see documents listed below)
  3. All users should have their own two-way communication equipment
  4. KB AFIS is the coordinator of air traffic. No flight can be permitted without KB AFIS contract signed, nor if the point 1-3 above are not fulfilled.
  5. Users should present to KB AFIS notifications, permissions, RPAS operator license and insurance before the contract can be signed. Users must also agree on the conditions set by Kings Bay (see Flight operations in Ny-Ålesund document below). Contact for details.
  6. First priority: flights operated by Lufttransport (scheduled flights and rescue flights)
  7. Second priority: permanent measurements (daily weather balloons)
  8. Air space in and around Ny-Ålesund is open only for scientific use of unmanned systems.
  9. Daily meeting to coordinate all air traffic activities in and near Ny-Ålesund is highly recommended to all users
  10. Many operated flights cover the same areas. There is room for collaboration. Contact your station leader to see what was done already and what is it planned to be done in Kongsfjorden by the different research groups.
  11. Keep in mind that flight operations depend on the weather. Plan for longer stay to take it into account.
  12. Questions may be also addressed to Rune Storvold from NORUT (


Comprehensive overview of all permissions and links to authorities can be found here:

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