Visitor information

Ny-Ålesund is an international research station and is only open to scientists and invited guests.

It is vital for the environment and the researchers that the following is observed:
- Turn OFF all wireless equipment: mobile phones, Bluetooth, wireless LAN etc.
- No traffic is allowed on the runway and at red traffic lights on the way to and from the airport
- Stay on the roads
- Do not walk/cycle/ski through scientific areas or bird reserves (see maps for reference)
- Do not disturb or feed any animals
- Do not litter
- Do not damage the cultural heritage

Welcome to Ny-Ålesund (ENG)
Ny-Ålesund from A to Z (ENG)

Polar bear measures zone and unloaded/empty weapon zone in Ny-Ålesund

The map attached shows the area where measures will be taken towards polar bears and the area where all weapons should be unloaded/empty. Inside the red line the KB Watchmen will apply the necessary actions to make sure the bear do not think of this area as a pleasant and/or convenient place to stay. The KB Watchmen will not apply more actions in chasing the bear away than necessary. Since often the bear just passes through areas close to the line, the KB Watchmen will therefore only need to keep an eye on the situation until it is resolved. Outside of this line the bear will only be chased away if there are special circumstances. Inside the blue line is where all weapons should be unloaded/empty. Unloaded/empty weapons need to have the bolt/slide/drum open unless holstered or bagged when inside the blue line.

Restricted areas
To protect the vulnerable natural environment and the research sites in and about Ny-Ålesund, both regional and local restrictions apply.

(laws and regulations for the whole of Svalbard)
See more information at

There are three bird sanctuaries in Kongsfjorden. The sanctuaries include the islands and the surrounding sea, 300 meters from the shore. No traffic is allowed in the sanctuaries from 15th of May to 15th of August. To visit the sanctuaries between these dates, permission from the Governor of Svalbard is needed.

Ossian Sars-fjellet is a nature reserve. It is not allowed to make a fire, or make camp.

To visit Prins Karls Forland and Nordvest Spitsbergen National Park in the summer you need to fill out a form from the Governor of Svalbard before you go. This form you can find at the Reception in the Service Building. Visitors travelling alone must apply to the Governor of Svalbard.

(in agreement between Kings Bay AS and the research institutions)
The area surrounding Solvatnet and Thiis-bukta are local bird sanctuaries. Traffic in these areas is not permitted from 15th of May to 15th of August.

No activity is allowed within a 100 meter radius from the Zeppelin station.