Foto: Katsuhiko Tokunaga
Foto: Katsuhiko Tokunaga
All bookings and reservations to and from Ny-Ålesund
are issued by Kings Bay, not Lufttransport.
  • All reservations must be registered through RiS or directly with Kings Bay
  • Departure times are given in the overview below
    • Time refers to take-off in Longyearbyen. Departure from Ny-Ålesund is approximately 45 minutes later
  • Check-in in Longyearbyen is 45 minutes prior to departure time
  • Check-in in Ny-Ålesund is one hour prior to departure time (departure time from LYR)
  • Heavy and large capacity cargo should be sent by boat. We cannot guarantee delivery on time by airplanes
  • Maximum luggage, including hand luggage, is 20 kilos per passenger
  • Flight times may change due to weather or other unforeseen events
  • To see the flight schedule and available seats on our flights click here
    • Choose the appropriate month/year and click Change Month if needed.
    • Please note that this is only an indication on the availability as there might be bookings that are yet to be processed. Seats are only guaranteed when you receive a confirmation directly from Kings Bay
    • Flights that are marked Charter or Cargo are not available outside the dedicated group unless stated otherwise in the flight calendar.
Lufttransport is located next to Longyearbyen Terminal building.