Community Operation

Sewage and waste treatment

All sewage in Ny-Ålesund as the only settlement on Svalbard is cleaned. We treat the sewage in a chemical process and the end product is close to 96% clean water. The remaining product, approx. 50 kg/year are sent to the mainland for disposal.  Treated water is sent around 50 m out in Kongsfjorden.

Ny-Ålesund the only settlement on Svalbard with sewage treatment.

Ny-Ålesund has a comprehensive waste system. Since the activities here are meant to impact the local environment as little as possible, no waste is to be deposited in landfill sites or incinerated in Ny-Ålesund. We also want to do our part when it comes to reducing, recycling and reusing waste. For you this means that you have to sort your waste and deposit it at the waste station where you are staying or in Varemottaket in the Service building. Check the categories you have to sort your waste into.

Watchman – Safety

The permanent staff of the operations department in Kings Bay make up the watchmen group.

The watchmen are available 24/7 and rotate personnel every week. Each member is in the watchman every 3 to 4 weeks.

The watchmen has in addition to their primary vocation (electrician, plumber, carpenter etc.) to perform scheduled inspections and controls around town.

Additionally, the watchmen can perform first aid and contact the hospital if the nurse is off duty.


Fire and rescue

The Ny-Ålesund airport fire and rescue brigade consists of personnel from the watchmen group. They train weekly at the airport and have undergone basic training in either Longyear or the mainland.



Water supply

Drinking water in Ny-Ålesund is distributed from the reservoir Tvillingvann. Water treatment is based on 2 processes in Sinsenkrysset.

Treatment nr 1 is cyclone filter where all particles are removed. After that the water I processed in a UW filter before sending out to the consumers. Samples are sent to laboratory several times pr year, and the conclusion of these results are:

Kings Bay AS delivers very good and healthy drinking water.



Housekeeping department

Kings Bay’s housekeeping department provide the cleaning of buildings in town. From common areas such as the Servicebuilding, working space facilities, administration areas, various stations and accommodations.



The nurse has a long experience in acut medicine, but also in general medicine. The nurse collaborates with personell at the hospital in Longyearbyen. Infermary «Sykestua» has telemedicine equipment that puts us in direct contact with the doctor on duty at Longyearbyen Hospital. The equipment we have allows us to clarify some serious medical conditions. We have a selection of medicines, following the recommendations of medical specialists at Longyearbyen Hospital.

Due to Covid situation we have the oportunity to take the corona test, and some room for quarantine, if necessary.


Ny-Ålesund Power station was built in 1997. It primarily consists of 3 diesel generators, 3 exhaust heat exchangers, 2 oil-boilers and 1 electrical boiler.

To exploit the excess heat produced by generators the «town» is mostly water heated. The water is heated using the engine cooling water and the heat from the exhaust.



Kings Bay employees working with daily operations are essential to be able to live, work and do research i Ny-Ålesund. They maintain and operate the airport runway, harbour and powerplant as well as maintaining buildings and machinery in town. In addition, they help the institutions and researchers with instrument installations and logistical support.

All employees in this department are part of the watcman duty.


The servicebuilding houses many functions – kitchen, restaurant, infirmary, administration  laundry and reception.


The harbour receives boat tourists and containers with goods delivered approximately every 6 weeks.


The airport in Ny-Ålesund is operated by Kings Bay AS

Maintenance of «Sykehuset»

In 2017 Kings Bay lay a new foundation and refurbished the hospital in Ny-Ålesund.

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