Safety, restrictions & Radio Silence

Polarbear and firearms

Due to the risk of meeting a polar bear, you must always bring along a firearm when you leave the settlement. If you see a polar bear close to town or inside town, call the watchman and keep safe distance, preferably from inside.

 Kings Bay AS holds courses in how to react if you meet a polar bear and how to handle and use a firearms. Firearms must be unloaded and bolt must be in open position when carried in the settlement. It is not permitted to carry loaded firearms in town. Firearms must be stored in a locked weapon cabinets where available. Alternatively keep the bolt separated from the rifle when not in use.



Medical service and emergency

Book an appointment – or call 790 27 274

Opening hours weekdays 08:00-10:00

In case of acute illness / injury weekdays 08:00-16:30 contact by radio

Outside working hours contact the watchman

Call 9 (Phone)


Watchman call 9

or dial 72 38

When Kings Bay reception is closed, contact the Kings Bay watchman if you observe any of the following:

  • Polar bear inside or close to town
  • Fire, water leakage, or other situations that can lead to danger
  • In case of illness, accidents, or other emergency situations

If you are out of town and need to call watchman: dial 79 02 72 38



Ny-Ålesund has a typhoon that can be heard all over the city. This is only used in special cases and if it sounds, everyone should meet outside the service building, by the main entrance. There you will be called by name for a counting of who’s present. You are expected to answer this call.

If a polar bear is observed close to Ny-Ålesund, and reported to the watchman, the watchman will notify the reception. The reception/watchman will send out an email with polar bear information to all institutions present and to Kings Bay staff and will put up a notification on the whiteboard in the reception area.

The reception personnel will also send out a short warning to all institution’s leaders/on duty personnel (on the new radio system), who then will notify their researchers in Ny-Ålesund. After work hours the Watchmen will send out this warning to all institute leaders/on duty personnel.

All institutions present, all institutions present. This is the reception/Watchman, this is the reception/Watchman. Polar bear sighted …(location)……, Polar bear sighted …(location)…….


Ny-Ålesund is a radio silent settlement with minimal electromagnetic activity. This means that there are good conditions for collections for data without disturbance.

Use of wireless equipment, included Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not allowed in Ny-Ålesund and 20 km in circumference. These functions search frequency ranges and interferes with scientific instruments.

Turn off WI-FI and Bluetooth on ALL your devices. Included mobile phones, lap top, cameras, digital wrist watches etc. Turn on flight mode.

Nature reserve and national parks
Restricted areas within the settlement

Traffic in winter


Prohibited to drive or walk on the airstrip at any time! When red light; Stop! Also when walking!

Polarbear zone

Polar bear measures will be taken inside red zone

Always bring a firearm and a flare gun when traveling outside Ny-Ålesund

Weapons should be unloaded/empty inside blue zone