Offentlig ettersyn - Delplan Andøya Space Center

16.01.2018 14:29
I henhold til Svalbardmiljølovens § 50 legges herved delplan for Andøya Space Center i Ny‐Ålesund ut til offentlig ettersyn. The plan is in Norwegian only - English summary bellow illustration Planarbeidet har som hovedformål å legge til rette for ønsket utvikling av ASC sitt eksisterende anlegg vest for flyplassen. Innenfor planområdet legges det tilrette for a...
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New common facility - Metrology Laboratory

15.05.2017 10:34
The Italian station, Dirigibile Italia and their mother institution CNR have recently strengthened their cooperation with the metrology network METEOMET (Metrology for Meteorology) and introduced them to atmospheric monitoring in Ny-Ålesund. It led to establishment of a new common research facility in the terrestrial laboratories building, "Vaskerilab", owned an...
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The Standing Committee on Education, Research and Church Affairs' visit to Ny-Ålesund

10.05.2017 09:52
The Standing Committee on Education, Research and Church Affairs paid a short visit to Ny-Ålesund on Tuesday May 9th. The committee arrived to Ny-Ålesund on a beautiful sunny day, although the roads were a bit icy.
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Ground breaking of the new science building

10.05.2017 09:23
The minister of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen, visited Ny-Ålesund on Monday the 8th of May. During his visit he unveiled the first pile of the foundation of the new science building. The construction of the building itself will continue throughout the year and will be completed in 2018.
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Emergency preparedness course

11.04.2017 09:21
Kings Bay, alongside Svalbard church and the Norwegian Seamen's church hosted an emergency preparedness course this past March. This is the second time the course has been arranged in Ny-Ålesund. Together with people from varius institutions in Longyearbyen, citizens in Ny-Ålesund participated in a two-day course which left quite an impression.
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Kings Bay 100 years

14.12.2016 15:01
14th of December 1916, the company Kings Bay Coal Company was founded. 100 years later, the company is still going strong, and has made the transition from coal mining to facility provider for research. Kings Bay celebrates the aniversary with lectures and aniversary dinners, both in Oslo and Ny-Ålesund.
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Official opening of Ny-Ålesund Museum

24.10.2016 14:30
This summer, Kings Bay finished the new museum exhibit in Ny-Ålesund. In October, alle involved was invited to the official opening of the Museum.
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The 2016 Ny-Ålesund Symposium

26.09.2016 08:07
A few days ago, the Ny-Ålesund Symposium 2016 was concluded. From the 19th to the 21st of September, 40 to 50 people from around the globe gathered in the newly completed Kongsfjord hall to discuss topics related to Planet Ocean.
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NIPR 25 years in Ny-Ålesund

10.09.2016 13:19
This year marks the 25th anniversary for NIPR in Ny-Ålesund. For this occasion, the whole town, alongside with a delegation from Japan and a number of specially invited guests, partook in a workshop focused on High Arctic Research in Svalbard and talks about further international collaboration on the 7th of September. The productive workshop was held in the newl...
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German minister visits Ny-Ålesund

18.07.2016 08:39
Barbara Hendricks, the German minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety recently spent several days in Ny-Ålesund.
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Lecture on plastics in the oceans

11.07.2016 08:32
This past Friday on the 8th of July, one of the conference hall in the newly completed Kongsfjordhall, was filled to the brim. The topic was plastic and microplastic pollution in the oceans, and approximately 80 people turned up to listen to Geir Wing Gabrielsen' s lecture.
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John Kerry visits Ny-Ålesund

16.06.2016 16:12
US secretary of state John Kerry visited Ny-Ålesund on June 16th. With him was Norway's minister of foreign affairs, Børge Brende. The two came to Ny-Ålesund to see the climate change up close, and to meet with the town's scientists.
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Kongsfjordhallen is now open

06.06.2016 09:24
Ny-Ålesund's newest building, Kongsfjordhallen, is now open for use. The building houses all of Kings Bay's heavy machinery, but it also has a brand new conferance hall on the second floor.
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90 år siden Amundsen

24.05.2016 08:31
Det er 90 år siden Luftskipet Norge fløy fra Ny-Ålesund til Nordpolen, og landet i Teller, Alaska. Flyvningen fant sted i 1926 og varte fra 11. mai til 13. mai. 90 years has passed since the airship Norge flew from Ny-Ålesund to the North Pole, and landed in Teller, Alaska. The flight took place in 1926, and lasted from the 11th to the 13th of May.
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Two standing committees visiting in April

27.04.2016 14:47
The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, as well as The Standing Committee on Energy and Environment, visited Ny-Ålesund on April 21st to April 22nd.
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Ice conditions

23.03.2016 10:14
Together with Sysselmannen, Kings Bay has flown over the glaciers around Ny-Ålesund to see how the glaciers has been moving this year, and to check the conditions for snow mobile drivers. The results are not uplifting.
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