Welcome to Kings Bay AS - Ny-Ålesund

Ny-Ålesund is a centre for international arctic scientific research and environmental monitoring.
Kings Bay AS' vision is to support "the best interests of Arctic research and environmental monitoring" and the company's main task is to be a facilitator for Ny-Ålesund.

Kings Bay's role as a facilitator is primarily as the supplier of infrastructure services, but the company also offer other services that contribute to greater research coordination and collaboration. Kings Bay plays a central role in ensuring good information flow between actors in Ny-Ålesund and in relation to the world at large. Kings Bay also builds networks to expand and maintain contact with similar Arctic research stations and research communities.

90 år siden Amundsen

24.05.2016 08:31
Det er 90 år siden Luftskipet Norge fløy fra Ny-Ålesund til Nordpolen, og landet i Te...
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Two standing committees visiting in April

27.04.2016 14:47
The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, as well as The Standing Commit...
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Ice conditions

23.03.2016 10:14
Together with Sysselmannen, Kings Bay has flown over the glaciers around Ny-Ålesund t...
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Restoration of "Nr 2"

10.12.2015 11:24
The train will be moved to the mainland for restoration, but the carriages will be re...
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