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Land use plan

Kings Bay owns the Kongsfjord Property (treaty property 38/1) and is responsible for the Ny‐Ålesund planning area under Section 48 of the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act.

The delimitation of the Ny-Ålesund planning area is determined in Norwegian Regulation FOR-2002-06-28-650.  The planning area is 25 km2. Prins Heinrichøya, Dietrichholmen and Mietheholmen are included in the planning area.

Land use plans are intended to provide a basis for decisions on the use and protection of resources, buildings and areas for a planning period of 10 years. The Government has stated in general that they expect the preparation of plans to be based on a solid, up-to-date knowledge base, and to attend to national and regional interests in the planning work. Activities in the settlements and planning areas must occur within an environmentally appropriate framework. Land use plans are to be prepared based on the overarching goals for the Svalbard policy and in accordance with local requirements in individual local communities.

As the entity responsible for planning, Kings Bay AS must ensure ongoing planning for use and protection of the areas in the planning area. The Governor of Svalbard is the decision-making authority.



Arealplan Ny-Ålesund 2022 – 2032

Land-use plan 2023 – 2032

Planbeskrivelse arealplan 2009

Land-use plan 2009 legend

Land-use plan 2009 provisions

Utfyllende bestemmelser arealplan 2009